A lucky break for MOPP 2019


With the storm breaking only a short time before the start of MOPP 2019, the event was spared from the topic of a week long debate over the possibility of rain dates and cancellation. What was expected to be the worst possible scenario ended up being a beautiful morning to plant trees at the Kettle Creek Conservation Authority (KCCA) site. The ADTC would like to thank Betsy and Jeff from the KCCA for their effort in obtaining the trees and facilitating the plant. The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) Zone J team came through again after a long drive in the rain to provide the volunteers with lunch for the sake of the event. The ADTC would like to thank one of its own, Greg Balch, for taking on our event, which would be the first of two for him that day, for bringing his outdoor education program for youth volunteers to experience. Also present were members of the Elgin Stewardship Council (ESC) who were true examples of dedication to stewardship and conservation for those present considering careers in the field and we appreciate their presence and contributions. The ADTC would also like to thank Gorman-Rupp Pumps Canada for donating the trees and sending staff members to represent their organization at the event, as well as Rimas Miknev for his photography.

Last, but not least, the ADTC would like to thank all the volunteers, from aforementioned organizations, Scouts Canada, and the general public who attended the event. We sincerely hope you enjoyed the morning and feel proud of your contributions to the preservation of biodiversity and climate action.

This year’s event was more precarious than last due to the weather but in the end, it went off as planned. Again, we can’t thank you enough, and hope to see you again next year!

The complete MOPP 2019 album is available here.

The Aylmer District Trapper’s Council Executive

MOPP 2019


It is with pleasure that the Aylmer District Trapper’s Council (ADTC) is announcing a continuation of last year’s Multiple Organization Planting Partnership (MOPP). This year, along with Kettle Creek Conservation Authority (KCCA), the Elgin Stewardship Council (ESC), OFAH Zone J, and Gorman-Rupp of Canada as our corporate sponsor, we have again set a goal of planting one-thousand trees at a site in Elgin County.

While the planting of trees is the most obvious asset of this program, one less visible but no less significant benefit is the effect working alongside such a diverse group of professionals from within the conservation field, and subsequent exposure to their expertise and demonstration of stewardship will have on our youth participants. It is our belief that stewardship and care for our shared natural world is a learned behaviour and this opportunity for the youth of today who will be the leaders of tomorrow presents an excellent teachable moment. Whether it is understanding that we are active participants in our natural world whose actions have real consequences, habitat restoration, the protection of biodiversity, or just sharing our passion for natural spaces, MOPP presents us all with the opportunity to impress upon our youth the importance of stewardship.

MOPP 2019 will be held at 44051 Ferguson Line on May 25th at 9:00 am at the KCCA office site. Shovels, buckets, water, and lunch are provided on site. Staff from the KCCA will be present to assist in the program with their expertise, while the ESC have committed two members of their board whose presence at the event diversifies MOPP’s line up of professionals working in habitat protection and rehabilitation. The OFAH Zone J team, always being committed to regional programs, have generously provided lunch for all participants and are available to discuss their programs with anyone interested. Gorman-Rupp Canada from St. Thomas, Ontario have graciously provided the funding for trees which will be selected and acquired by the KCCA. Of course, in addition to this line up of frontline conservation organizations, members of the ADTC will be present and available to discuss ongoing and future wildlife management projects including our species recovery efforts pertaining to Ontario reptiles.

All inquiries regarding MOPP 2019 should be made to Shaun Meehan via phone at 226-224-8769, or email at mftrapping@gmail.com. Please confirm attendance ahead of the event so we can ensure we have adequate tools and lunch.

We look forward to seeing you at the plant this year.


The Aylmer District Trapper’s Council Executive

21st Annual ADTC Fish Fry - Sold Out Success


The Aylmer District Trapper’s Council would like to thank all those in attendance and the members who volunteered for making the 21st Annual ADTC Fish Fry such a success. A sold out event this year, the 2019 fish fry held at the Oxford Sportsman’s Club was no less than a full house. We appreciate such dedicated attendees who are present year after year and were thrilled to see new faces mixed among them. We would also like to thank the members of the Oxford Sportsman’s Club for all their effort in preparation for our annual fundraiser and the use of their facility as well as the OFAH Zone J team and all those else who donated door prizes. Finally, special thanks goes out to Keith Taylor from Taylor Heritage Hogs for his generous donation of half a pig and two sampler packs.

New to this year’s event was a brief award ceremony in which the ADTC was proud to have the opportunity to award Rimas Miknev an honourary membership to the ADTC. Mr. Miknev has been a supporter of council endeavors and initiatives for a number of years, supporting events through his photography and print donations, as well as being a positive voice constantly in the corner of conservation and wildlife management.

All of our members enjoyed the opportunity to talk to so many people about Aylmer District Trapper’s Council initiatives and wildlife management. This was, without a doubt, our biggest annual fundraiser to date and again we can’t thank everyone enough for their attendance and contributions.

Thank you all for making the 21st Annual ADTC Fish Fry such a great event and we look forward to seeing all of you at the 22nd.

The Aylmer District Trapper’s Council Executive

21st Annual ADTC Fish Fry


The Aylmer District Trapper’s Council is pleased to announce that tickets are now available for you 21st Annual ADTC Fish Fry. Fresh caught perch, bar, and door prizes. This event is not limited to trappers and all are welcome, with the event funding council activities for the year including the support and donations provided by the ADTC to the Wildlife Management Course and youth fishing opportunities. Tickets are limited and can be purchased through the council executive and members or arranged via Facebook by messaging the social media coordinators for $25.00 each. Held at the Oxford Sportsman’s Club at 263394 Prouse Rd. in Mount Elgin, Cocktails start at 6:00 pm with dinner beginning at 7:00 pm.

We look forward to seeing you on May 2nd,

The Aylmer District Trapper’s Council Executive

2019 SOTW Without a Hitch


If you didn’t make it, there was a lot happening at the 2019 Southern Ontario Trappers Workshop. Equipment, tanning, knife sharpening, and a morning of demonstrations including the handling of coyotes for taxidermy rounded out the morning for a full house of visitors. The Aylmer District Trapper’s Council would like to thank all of our vendors and guests for attending the event, as well as the East Elgin Sportsman’s Association for the use of their top notch facility as well as the accompanying staff who provided excellent lunch options, and finally Rimas Miknev for photographing throughout the day. Between the full table of door prizes and vendors such as SAPS and Zepf Knives, there were very few empty hands leaving the building.

Thank you to all who bared with us through the shift in venues. With the continued growth of the event and with hopefully more vendors and booths in the future as we foster new relationships, we hope the SOTW has found a home for the foreseeable future.

Thanks again for making the event so memorable, and we hope to see you again next year.

The Aylmer District Trapper’s Council Executive

Southern Ontario Trappers Workshop 2019


The Aylmer District Trapper's Council is pleased to announce the details of the 2019 Southern Ontario Trappers Workshop (SOTW), including the announcement of the event’s new location! After seeing the growth of the SOTW last year, the ADTC worked hard throughout the summer months and after much debate, The East Elgin Sportsman’s Association has become the home of the SOTW for 2019 at 9586 Springfield Road, Aylmer, ON N5H 2R8.

Like every year, the SOTW has a lot to offer for the trappers of Southern Ontario:

  • Doors open at 9:00am, demonstrations and Activities start at 10:00am

  • Fur Handling Demonstrations throughout the day with others, including "Skinning for Coyote for Taxidermy".

  • Three Category Fur Handling Competition
    Best Handled Single (any 1 pelt)
    Best Handled Muskrat Bundle (3 muskrats)
    Best Handled Mixed Bundle (3 fur bearers)
    Note: A pelt may only be used in a single category

  • Zepf Knives, and SAPS Trap Supplies

  • SAPS will have common trap supplies at the event, for particular items contact SAPS to pre-order for delivery to the event. 

  • Zepf Knives will be offering both knives and sharpening. PLEASE ENSURE ALL KNIVES ARE CLEANED BEFORE SHARPENING.

  • Trap appraisals on site.

  • Tailgate sales and vendors are welcome, tables available on a first come basis. Space can be reserved by contacting the ADTC via Facebook.

  • Silent auctions, door prizes, kids events, and lunch are available on site.

The ADTC is looking forward to January and seeing some new equipment, new techniques, and old friends. We hope you will join us on this occasion as the SOTW continues to grow and become of fixture within the Southern Ontario trapping community.

Shaun Meehan - Vice President, Aylmer District Trapper’s Counicl

National Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing Heritage Day 2018


Today, September 15, 2018 marks National Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing Heritage Day (NHTFHD). Like many organizations across Canada, the Aylmer District Trapper’s Council is proud to recognize our shared heritage in unison with so many people. In celebration of NHTFHD the Aylmer District Trapper’s Council Executive asked itself, “What does the trapping heritage mean to you?”. Below are some of those responses:

Shaun Meehan - Vice President

Tyler Miller - Secretary

Thank you all, hunters, trappers, and anglers alike, for being active participants in our natural world and promoting and participating in our shared heritage.

Executive Board - Aylmer District Trapper’s Council

Churchill Park Letter

In response to the recent decision to end the trapping of nuisance coyotes in Churchill park by the Cambridge city council after being pressure by anti-trapping organizations, the ADTC executive has submitted a communication to the Mayor of Cambridge, Doug Craig. The letter, attached at the bottom of this post, expresses our disappointment as trappers within Ontario and refutes claims made by the anti trapping organizations. As encouraged by the Ontario Fur Managers Federation, the ADTC would also echo their sentiment by encouraging other trappers to write letters of their own to the Cambridge city council. Trappers have been managing wildlife sustainable, ethically, and successfully all across Ontario, with those areas that go without management experiencing disease and an increase in wildlife/human conflict.


Shaun Meehan - Vice President, Aylmer District Trapper's Council


OFMF Legal Fund


The long summer days are upon us all and with any luck, you're enjoying the summer break spending time with friends and family, camping, paddling, or fishing, and anxiously awaiting the upcoming trapping season. Despite it being summer and the majority of council activity suspended until September, calling the summer months a "break" is slightly inaccurate given the amount of activity that still carries on in the background. It is with this notion in mind that the ADTC Executive would like to bring to the attenion of our members an email we recently recieved. 

The Ontario Fur Manager's Federation has created a trust fund overseen by the OFMF board members with the intention of having funds on hand in the event that a trapper may require financial support while seeking legal advice. In addition to that, the funds procured may also be used to defend trapper's rights to transfer traplines or legal challenges pertaining to trapping in Ontario. 

Until the ADTC resumes business in September and the matter can be discussed at length with our members, the ADTC Executive wishes only to inform its members of the opportunity to donate to this cause and for the time being, would direct all those members interested in making a private donation to contact the OFMF.

As a community we are endlessly faced with legal challenges designed to strain community resources, all of which are met with ever increasing costs and this fund is intended to mitigate some of that finacial burden. Again, for the time being, should you wish to privately donate to this fund, please contact the OFMF directly, otherwise, we will be discussing the matter at our fall meeting.


Shaun Meehan - Vice President, Aylmer District Trapper's Council

ADTC Branded Tee Shirts


The Aylmer District Trapper’s Council is proud to announce that we are now selling branded tee-shirts.  The tees are black, heavy cotton knit featuring our distinctive “stamped” logo in white surrounded by some of the ADTC’s core values and objectives.  Sizes are available from M to XXXL. Our first run is for a limited number of shirts.  We are, however, working with our printer to have more available as needed in the near future. 

Prices are $20 for members and $25 for non-members.  Please contact Shaun Meehan or Tyler Miller to order.


Tyler Miller - Secretary, Aylmer District Trapper's Council

Success at MOPP 2018

MOPP 2018 Group photo

MOPP 2018 Group photo

On May 5th, 2018, the Aylmer District Trapper's Council (ADTC) in conjunction with Gurr Auto of St. Thomas, the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH Zone J), and Kettle Creek Conservation Authority (KCCA) of Elgin County, commenced in a planting partnership with a goal of planting one-thousand trees on a KCCA property north of St. Thomas, Ontario.

The event was attended by approximately seventy-five people with forty of those being youth. With a modest goal of planting one-thousand trees, the primary intention of the event was to expose those youth to a positive experience participating in a stewardship activity while also giving conservation-minded adults an opportunity to contribute to the natural spaces within Elgin County.

Shaun Meehan (ADTC VP) speaking during the opening of MOPP 2018

Shaun Meehan (ADTC VP) speaking during the opening of MOPP 2018

With participants from the ADTC, OFAH Zone J, the KCCA, Elgin Area Scouts Canada, and members of the public, our planting goal was quickly achieved. Upon completion, lunch was graciously provided by the OFAH Zone J team followed by ice cream from the ADTC.

The Aylmer District Trapper’s Council would like to thank all those who volunteered as well as the Kettle Creek Conservation Authority for facilitating the event and Gurr Auto for their dedication to stewardship and the provision of trees. In addition, we would like to thank the team at OFAH Zone J for lunch and the youth from the Elgin Area Scouts for their participation and their commitment to directing youth toward an appreciation for, and an active involvement in our shared natural spaces. Always dedicated to stewardship, also in attendance was Rimas Miknev, with camera in hand, capturing the event and memories for all who participated. The complete album is available on our Facebook page.

Left to right, Shaun Meehan (ADTC VP), Greg Holden (ADTC P), Dale Ouelette (ADTC Oxford Director)

Left to right, Shaun Meehan (ADTC VP), Greg Holden (ADTC P), Dale Ouelette (ADTC Oxford Director)

The Multi-Organization Planting Partnership posed many unique challenges but ultimately created a more beneficial and productive event that met its goal in producing a positive experience for our participants who, many for the first time, took on an active role within their natural environment. Looking forward, the ADTC will continue to seek out opportunities to demonstrate our commitment to conservation and stewardship within our district and beyond. This event truly was an investment in the future of conservation and stewardship


Shaun Meehan - Vice President, Aylmer District Trapper’s Council

20th Annual ADTC Fish Fry

With the conclusion of the 20th annual Aylmer District Trapper’s Council Fish Fry, the ADTC would like to extend our gratitude to all of our guests and supporters for making the event possible. As stated during the event, our annual fish fry is largely responsible for our ability as a council to support various events and causes throughout our district, many of whom rely heavily on the capital of other organizations to operate and result in the education and opportunities to participate in both outdoor pursuits and stewardship activities for youth.  


I would like to take this opportunity to thank both our new and returning guests for their attendance to our fish fry. The Aylmer District Trapper’s Council hopes you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did, and look forward to seeing you all again next year. Not quite sold out, many of the few tickets unsold prior to the event were able to be sold at the door and resulted in a near capacity room.

The ADTC is dedicated to continually improve our events and initiatives and as such, in the near future an executive meeting has been scheduled so that we might discuss the event and look to provide our guests with an even greater experience next year.


On behalf of the council I would like to thank Keith Taylor, owner of Taylor Heritage Hogs for his continued support of the annual fish fry as well as those other supporters such as Rimas Miknev who continue to support the ADTC Fish Fry by means of door prize donations. As a council we are fortunate to have such dedicated support.

To our guests, volunteers, and supporters, thank you all for making the 20th Annual ADTC Fish Fry an event to remember. See you all next year!

Greg Holden - President, Aylmer District Trapper’s Council

ADTC at the Otter Valley Rod and Gun Club Derby

The Aylmer District Trapper’s Council (ADTC) would like to thank the Otter Valley Rod and Gun Club for allowing two of our representatives along with a display to participate in this weekend’s fishing derby. An expertly run event with enough hot food, drinks, and donuts to go around, the derby was host to numerous guests, many of whom stopped by the council display to talk to the members present between catching fish.

Left to right, Dave Heyblom (Elgin Director), Shaun Meehan (Vice President)

Left to right, Dave Heyblom (Elgin Director), Shaun Meehan (Vice President)

Our representatives spoke with approximately fifty individuals throughout the day about a range of topics including conservation, ADTC stewardship programs, and trapping itself. Demonstrations of equipment, in particular the ability of soft-catch traps to restrain without injuring the target animal were repeated throughout the morning as a means to dispel a common myth about traps and the misinformation purported by groups who oppose trapping.

Emphasized during the discussions was an aspect of trapping which is too often ignored, and that being its role within the North American Conservation Model. Of particular note were the questions regarding the supposed Algonquin Wolf, demonstrating that the efforts by various organizations such as the Ontario Fur Managers Federation to educate the public on our shared position regarding the matter were reaching individuals.

The Otter Valley Rod and Gun Club provided us (the ADTC) with an excellent opportunity to speak to the public regarding trapping and dispel a great deal of misinformation surrounding the sustainable harvest of fur in Ontario and our attendance was appreciated by those who stopped by the tent.


Shaun Meehan - Vice President, Aylmer District Trapper's Council

www.aylmertrappers.com IS LIVE.

It is with great pride that the executive and membership of the Aylmer District Trapper's Council (ADTC) have gone live with our official website. Aylmertrappers.com and in particular, the news tab, will be host to all official and pertinent notices related to the council and its activities. Some developments such as the "Executive" page under the "About" tab will take some time as we arrange for photographs of the ADTC executive. As a council, we have several avenues to explore in regards to how best to use this website to benefit both the trapping and non trapping community to the maximum effect. We appreciate the patience of the community as we continue to work toward optimizing our web page.


Shaun Meehan - Vice President, Aylmer District Trapper's Council