ADTC at the Otter Valley Rod and Gun Club Derby

The Aylmer District Trapper’s Council (ADTC) would like to thank the Otter Valley Rod and Gun Club for allowing two of our representatives along with a display to participate in this weekend’s fishing derby. An expertly run event with enough hot food, drinks, and donuts to go around, the derby was host to numerous guests, many of whom stopped by the council display to talk to the members present between catching fish.

Left to right, Dave Heyblom (Elgin Director), Shaun Meehan (Vice President)

Left to right, Dave Heyblom (Elgin Director), Shaun Meehan (Vice President)

Our representatives spoke with approximately fifty individuals throughout the day about a range of topics including conservation, ADTC stewardship programs, and trapping itself. Demonstrations of equipment, in particular the ability of soft-catch traps to restrain without injuring the target animal were repeated throughout the morning as a means to dispel a common myth about traps and the misinformation purported by groups who oppose trapping.

Emphasized during the discussions was an aspect of trapping which is too often ignored, and that being its role within the North American Conservation Model. Of particular note were the questions regarding the supposed Algonquin Wolf, demonstrating that the efforts by various organizations such as the Ontario Fur Managers Federation to educate the public on our shared position regarding the matter were reaching individuals.

The Otter Valley Rod and Gun Club provided us (the ADTC) with an excellent opportunity to speak to the public regarding trapping and dispel a great deal of misinformation surrounding the sustainable harvest of fur in Ontario and our attendance was appreciated by those who stopped by the tent.


Shaun Meehan - Vice President, Aylmer District Trapper's Council