OFMF Legal Fund


The long summer days are upon us all and with any luck, you're enjoying the summer break spending time with friends and family, camping, paddling, or fishing, and anxiously awaiting the upcoming trapping season. Despite it being summer and the majority of council activity suspended until September, calling the summer months a "break" is slightly inaccurate given the amount of activity that still carries on in the background. It is with this notion in mind that the ADTC Executive would like to bring to the attenion of our members an email we recently recieved. 

The Ontario Fur Manager's Federation has created a trust fund overseen by the OFMF board members with the intention of having funds on hand in the event that a trapper may require financial support while seeking legal advice. In addition to that, the funds procured may also be used to defend trapper's rights to transfer traplines or legal challenges pertaining to trapping in Ontario. 

Until the ADTC resumes business in September and the matter can be discussed at length with our members, the ADTC Executive wishes only to inform its members of the opportunity to donate to this cause and for the time being, would direct all those members interested in making a private donation to contact the OFMF.

As a community we are endlessly faced with legal challenges designed to strain community resources, all of which are met with ever increasing costs and this fund is intended to mitigate some of that finacial burden. Again, for the time being, should you wish to privately donate to this fund, please contact the OFMF directly, otherwise, we will be discussing the matter at our fall meeting.


Shaun Meehan - Vice President, Aylmer District Trapper's Council