A lucky break for MOPP 2019


With the storm breaking only a short time before the start of MOPP 2019, the event was spared from the topic of a week long debate over the possibility of rain dates and cancellation. What was expected to be the worst possible scenario ended up being a beautiful morning to plant trees at the Kettle Creek Conservation Authority (KCCA) site. The ADTC would like to thank Betsy and Jeff from the KCCA for their effort in obtaining the trees and facilitating the plant. The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) Zone J team came through again after a long drive in the rain to provide the volunteers with lunch for the sake of the event. The ADTC would like to thank one of its own, Greg Balch, for taking on our event, which would be the first of two for him that day, for bringing his outdoor education program for youth volunteers to experience. Also present were members of the Elgin Stewardship Council (ESC) who were true examples of dedication to stewardship and conservation for those present considering careers in the field and we appreciate their presence and contributions. The ADTC would also like to thank Gorman-Rupp Pumps Canada for donating the trees and sending staff members to represent their organization at the event, as well as Rimas Miknev for his photography.

Last, but not least, the ADTC would like to thank all the volunteers, from aforementioned organizations, Scouts Canada, and the general public who attended the event. We sincerely hope you enjoyed the morning and feel proud of your contributions to the preservation of biodiversity and climate action.

This year’s event was more precarious than last due to the weather but in the end, it went off as planned. Again, we can’t thank you enough, and hope to see you again next year!

The complete MOPP 2019 album is available here.

The Aylmer District Trapper’s Council Executive