The Southern Ontario Trappers Workshop

With participation open to all councils within Southern Ontario, the annual Southern Ontario Trappers Workshop hosted by the Aylmer District Trappers Council at the Oxford Sportsman's Club has become a much anticipated event each winter. With vendors from across Southern Ontario, includings SAPS Trapping Supplies and Zepf Knives, and it being scheduled as it is in mid winter has proven itself ideal not only for socializing with not oft seen friends, but an opportunity to replace or restock on much needed equipment. 

Scott and Cathy Sears, Owners of SAPS Trapping Supplies

Scott and Cathy Sears, Owners of SAPS Trapping Supplies

An annual supporter and attendee, Zepf knives shows up with more than just product for sale but with the equipment needed to sharpen just about any tool you use, be it in the fur room or the field, while SAPS Trapping Supplies brings with them several tables of equipment for sale from urines, to lure, to traps and other set making supplies.

Fur handling demonstrations by both trappers and taxidermists have proven to be immensely helpful for both new and veteran trappers. Whether learning a new skill or passing on those which have been acquired, the Southwestern Ontario Trappers Workshop has been an excellent place to teach and learn. 

Fur handling, equipment, youth activities, food, and a chance to catch up with old friends, the Southwestern Ontario Trappers Workshop has something for everyone and continues to grow with each passing year.