The FOunding of the ADTC

On February 12, 1978, a meeting was held at the Crumlin Sportsman's Club, in London, Ontario. The meeting was called to discuss the feasibility of organizing an Aylmer District Trapper's Council. An experienced trapper from each township in what would become the Aylmer District and Ministry of Natural Resources personnel were invited. Twenty-three trappers and four MNR personnel attended. The response indicated a dire need to improve the status of the trapper in the Aylmer District. After much discussion, a motion was passed that there should be an Aylmer District Trapper's Council, and a another passed that all Aylmer District trappers be invited to the first full meeting. A temporary working committee was elected to organize the first meeting, and at this meeting a full slate of officers would be elected.

Our Mission

Left to right, Shaun Meehan (ADTC Vice President), Greg Holden (ADTC President), Dale Ouelette (ADTC Oxford Director) at MOPP 2018

Left to right, Shaun Meehan (ADTC Vice President), Greg Holden (ADTC President), Dale Ouelette (ADTC Oxford Director) at MOPP 2018

Trapping remains alive and well within the Aylmer District, assisting landowners with their wildlife management needs. With a conservation comes first attitude, Aylmer trappers are key pieces of the machine that is conservation by means of sustainable harvest and use rather than waste of wildlife. The Aylmer District Trapper's Council (ADTC), supports many local events involving youth, with a focus on education and hands on learning, not just about trapping, but about our shared natural world, the human role as participants in nature, and the skills involved in operating within wild spaces. In addition to those programs, the ADTC seeks to promote trapping by means of public events and fund raise for a variety of youth programs. Members of the ADTC are also of special concern and are frequently presented seminars by outside organizations such as the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, and the University of Guelph as a means to continue their education within this profession.

The funding and personnel from the Aylmer District Trapper’s Council has been a contributor to the Wildlife Management Course’s success and the education and exposure of almost 150,000 youth to the program’s material.
— Greg Balch, Wildlife Management Course Creator, Aylmer District Trapper's Council Treasurer, and Awardee of the Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers

Our contributions

  • The provision of funding and personnel to Wildlife Management by Greg Balch.
  • Public outreach at numerous public events with our booth and members.
  • Funding contributions to youth fishing and outdoor weekends.
  • Content contributions to youth fishing and outdoor weekends.
  • Personnel and content contributions to events and programs within the trapping community.
  • The hosting of the Southern Ontario Trapper's workshop.
  • Continuing education for district trappers.
  • Point of contact between landowners and district trappers.